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Mental Health Monday at Pure Grace Counseling

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As human beings, we crave connection and belonging. Who we surround ourselves with is one of the most important ingredients to having a happy and healthy life. When we surround ourselves with people who are passive aggressive, put us down, disrespectful and belittling our physical and mental health decline. We start to lose confidence in ourselves and struggle to make decisions.

Sometimes it's hard to decide when and how to move away from toxic relationships. Talk therapy gives you a confidential and safe space to work through relationships issues you may be facing. It also helps give you a space to discover what you need from the people you surround yourself with and how to voice your needs to them.

Call to schedule a telehealth appointment today: 303-669-2333 or visit

Pure Grace Counseling founder Kathryn Hanjani MA, LPCC, NCC specializes in Individual Counseling & Career Counseling Services. Based in Denver, Colorado I have helped several clients work through their mental health including PTSD, Bipolar, Anxiety, & Depression.

If you need someone to talk please call us today 303-669-2333.


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