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Why the name Pure Grace Counseling

People often ask me why the name Pure Grace Counseling.

Pure Means: Free of any contamination

Grace Means: Letting go and moving forward with compassion for yourself & others.

Although Pure Grace Counseling sounds like it would a religious based mental health practice, it’s not. I will work with any religious/ spiritual background, LGBTQ+, gender, race or ethnicity, as long as we are a good therapeutic fit. The meaning behind my private practices name is to let you know that you are coming into a healing space that is free from judgment, met with an open-mind and empathy. My hopes are that you are able to let go of things that aren’t meant for you, forgive yourself and others, and gain wisdom from your darkest moments.

If you or someone you know is struggling with feeling overwhelmed, stress, depression or having a hard time seeing yourself worth, please call 303-669-2333 or email and schedule a free 20 minute consultation today. Pure Grace Counseling is offering telehealth at this time. For more information please visit,



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